Sustainment is one of the most critical elements of facility lifecycle management. Jaxon personnel have been performing Hardness Maintenance and Hardness Surveillance (HM/HS) services on Critical Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence (C4I) facilities for the last 25 years. Given the cost of new construction, sustainment services serve as insurance for the effectiveness of survivable missions. Jaxon provides a range of sustainment services to include: non-destructive testing, corrosion control mitigation, failure prediction services, refurbishment level maintenance service, and transportable low-level surveillance test services. Jaxon has successful past performance maintaining nearly every type of survivable and endurable system.



As an extension of our HEMP construction services, Jaxon has been applying state of the art corrosion control coating systems on mission critical equipment since its inception in 2009.  High quality marine grade coatings on shielded systems are a common-sense investment towards service life  extension.  Jaxon corrosion control specialists and coating technicians build longevity into each construction project through detailed corrosion control coating system installations, to include Thermal Spray technology.  We provide cost effective corrosion control coatings as an extension of our HEMP maintenance, construction, fabrication and refurbishment efforts.

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Jaxon utilizes industrial rope access solutions in order to work in difficult access locations.  Jaxon provides one of the only SECRET cleared industrial rope access teams in the country for DoD service requirements.  All of Jaxon’s technicians are Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians (SPRAT) or International Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA) certified, with thousands of hours of work experience performing external building maintenance on critical infrastructure.  Jaxon provides this service to its customers in order to gain economies not only for rope access projects, but also difficult access HEMP construction and testing requests.

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Jaxon is one of the best EMP fabrication and construction companies in the world.  We do not believe that quality construction can be achieved through high turnover and local low cost labor solutions.   All of our AWS certified welders have SECRET or TOP SECRET DoD clearances, which provide consistency, economies, and lower risk to the customer.  Jaxon has experience building and fabricating EMP fixed, mobile, transportable and commercial structures.  Jaxon has built a history of successful past performance ranging from large EMP “brick and mortar” construction, to small transportable pre-fabricated enclosures.  Jaxon provides the highest quality shielding systems in the industry.



We believe that specialized equipment is only as good as the people that deliver the service.  Jaxon employs technical industry leaders to deliver quality technical services to our DoD and Commercial customers.  Our senior engineering staff have over 25 years of industry experience evaluating and designing EMP facilities and systems.  Jaxon supports our technical leadership with state of the art equipment to deliver multiple CONUS/ OCONUS EMP tests simultaneously.  Jaxon delivers EMP and EMI testing and evaluation services, including but not limited to:

i.      MIL STD 188-125 Appendix A Shielding Effectiveness (SE) testing

ii.      MIL STD 188-125 Appendix B Pulse Current Injection (PCI) testing

iii.      MIL STD 188-125 Appendix C Continuous Wave Immersion (CWI) 

iv.      Various low level and EMI test services